HR Strategic Partners


We work closely with our client partners to design and develop customized human resource processes and solutions that support and enhance organizational performance. We have expertise and experience in several areas, including:

Competency-Based People Processes

Based on the primary goals and objectives for the company, organizational core competency modeling is used to identify the critical competencies that all employees need to ensure your company's success.

Job Profiling

Job profiling is used to describe the critical job-specific competencies for the unique positions and roles in the organization. Gaining an in-depth understanding of the focal job(s) is often an important first step in designing and implementing an HR intervention.

We improve employee selection processes by designing reliable, valid candidate selection tests, screens, and behaviorally-based structured interviews.

Employees who feel they have a future with their employer are more committed to their employer's success. Our individual development tools and processes help employees identify their unique development opportunities based on both their current position and positions of higher responsibility that they may want to fill in the future.

Employee performance management systems ensure that employees are focused on attaining the goals and objectives that drive your company's success.

Succession Planning

Succession planning tools and processes are used to identify high potential employees that may be ready to fill senior management positions either now or in the future. We work with our clients to identify, develop and maintain a source pool of these candidates to ensure the "bench strength" of these organizations.

Training and Program Evaluation

Our expertise in evaluating the impacts of HR interventions and programs ensures that our clients achieve the desired return-on-investment. By forming strategic partnerships, we work side-by-side with our clients to analyze the effectiveness and impact of human resource interventions, strive for continuous improvement of these programs, and ensure a lasting, positive impact.

Employee Surveys and Focus Groups

Creating and implementing high-impact human resource programs often requires an understanding of the attitudes and opinions of your employee population. Many questions and concerns can be addressed through the use of employee surveys and focus groups, including:

  • What is the level of Job Satisfaction among employees?
  • Do employees understand the goals of the organization?
  • Are employees committed to those goals?
  • Do employees feel that they have a long-term future with the organization?
  • What tools, incentives, and processes would increase employee commitment and satisfaction?

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