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HRSP Case Study 3: Develop an integrated talent management system


Senior leadership at a Fortune 500 consumer brands corporation needed a system for assessing how well their employees were executing their day-to-day responsibilities. The corporate culture was changing, and individual employees needed the information and tools to help them grow in this new environment. As part of an overall strategy to create a peak performance culture and increase business results, an integrated talent management system was needed to provide for personal, professional, and organizational growth.


The HRSP Peak Performance Competency System was used as the foundation for a tailored process that systematically identified the critical skills, knowledge, and competencies for the 120+ management positions in corporate headquarters. Corporate goals and objectives were used as the basis for identifying the core competencies that all corporate employees needed to demonstrate. In addition, HRSP worked directly with leadership from each department to define and document the following for each position:


Tasks and responsibilities (the "what")


Critical competencies (the "how")


Targeted performance levels for each competency (the "how much")


Because consistent language and documentation was used to describe each of the corporate positions, a clear baseline for peak performance was established for each job. Employees had a significantly greater understanding of the critical requirements for their position, and understood what was required to advance their career in the organization. A number of specific tools were created and implemented based on the HRSP Peak Performance Competency System, including:


360-degree feedback surveys


Individual development programs


An integrated, on-line performance management system


Customized competency-based structured interviews

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